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Here are some of the ways that we help, through our counseling services:

Individual Counseling in Charlotte NC

If you need help working through a difficult experience or life event, need help dealing with your emotions, or experience anxiety or depression, the team of therapists at Isaiah Counseling & Consulting is available to help. You’ll meet with one of our highly skilled counselors for a one-on-one session at a day, time and frequency that works for you. Based in Charlotte, NC, our compassionate, caring therapists are here to work with individuals of all ages and backgrounds, from counseling for children and teens, to counseling for women and men. We’ll work to help you understand your emotional and/or mental health needs; then your therapist will help you regain the happiness and fulfillment that you deserve. We can also bring in your significant other and/or family members for a couples or family counseling session, if it is needed.

Couples Counseling and Marriage Counseling in Charlotte NC

At Isaiah Counseling & Consulting, we offer marriage counseling and couples counseling to our clients. Our couples and marriage counselors will guide you and your partner as you strive to work through a rough patch, or simply work to strengthen and grow your relationship through a better sense of mutual understanding. Couples counseling is a very effective method for helping couples to find a renewed sense of happiness, whether it’s learning how to work through conflict in a healthy way, working through hurt or achieving a better understanding of the other person’s emotional needs.

In addition to couples and marriage counseling, we can also meet one-on-one with a client or we can bring in others for a family counseling session to serve as a complement to your couples therapy sessions. This is one of the many benefits to working with a full-service counseling center such as the one here at Isaiah Counseling & Consulting, based in Charlotte, NC. Many clients find that addressing issues through a combination of couples, one-on-one and/or family sessions serves to bring about greater harmony, happiness and understanding.

Family Counseling Services in Charlotte NC

The family counseling team at Isaiah Counseling & Consulting is here to help your family find a new sense of love, unity and happiness. Each family has unique dynamics and sometimes, those dynamics can make living together a real challenge. But that’s precisely where Isaiah Counseling’s experienced family counselors can help, as we’ll guide you and your family members through the process of healing from and hurt and anger, working through conflict and achieving a new level of understanding, and ultimately, family harmony.

In addition to working with our clients in a family setting, we also offer couples and marriage counseling, along with individual counseling for children, teens and adults.

Counseling for Children and Teens in Charlotte NC

Children and teens have some very unique emotional needs and the experienced counselors here at Isaiah Counseling & Consulting are here to assist.

Our children’s counselors and teen counselors are available to help kids and young adults as they work through issues ranging from family problems like parent-child conflict, sibling rivalry, difficulties adjusting to life changes, separation and divorce. We also work to help teens and children with issues such as depression, anxiety, self-confidence and self-esteem, hormonal changes, social issues, anger and beyond.

Isaiah Counseling & Consulting’s children and teen counselors strive to help young people as they walk through adolescence and into adulthood. We work to help make their childhood and teen years happier and more satisfying.

Counseling for Women in Charlotte NC

Women face a unique set of challenges in life. Our knowledgeable and compassionate therapists are experienced in helping women overcome challenges and work through issues ranging from anxiety and stress, to depression, family and parenting challenges, marriage or relationship issues, or an over-all feeling of inadequacy. We also help women who, at times, have a nagging sense of sadness and don’t know why.

Our women’s counseling is designed to address those needs and issues in a healthy, constructive way, which promotes self-confidence, joy and satisfaction.

Our counselors for women are also available to meet with couples or entire families, as we offer marriage counseling, family counseling and couples counseling services in Charlotte, NC and the surrounding region.

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Common Counseling Topics…

  • Anxiety/ Worry
  • Stress
  • Depression
  • Relationships
  • Marriage
  • Family Conflict
  • Self-Esteem
  • Parenting
  • Guilt/ Shame
  • Insecurity and Inadequacy
  • Loneliness and Isolation
  • Behavior Problems in Children