Date Nights

Join us for a Couples Date Night!


Does it feel like life moves so fast, that you can’t seem to create quality time as often as you’d like?


Quality time with your spouse doesn’t have to be sporadic.


Join some other committed couples who want to keep the spark in their relationships.

Derwin and Shawntal Isaiah are a husband and wife team of therapists, who love helping people feel great in their relationships. We also know, very well, how crazy life can be – how difficult it is as partners to make time for one another. We are often asked how do we keep our relationship fresh. Aside from loving one another, we genuinely like each other! We enjoy each other’s company and try to make it a priority to do things together.

With busy work schedules and 3 sons, it’s not easy creating the time for a good date night. We get it. That’s why we created the Date Night Series for couples.

One thing we’ve learned about being married is how important it is to have regular date nights with your spouse.

Regular date nights with your spouse:

  • Create an opportunity to go out, have fun, and laugh.
  • Boosts intimacy.
  • Reminds couples why they are in love.
  • Creates a sacred space for the couple outside of their children.
  • Is a way to make your partner and your relationship a priority.

So What is the Couples Date Night?

  • Dedicated time, out with your spouse.
  • A comfortable atmosphere where couples socialize and build a closer connection.
  • You can expect nights of fun, of connecting, and of thoughtful conversation.
  • You can be as private or as open as you want.

What should my spouse and I expect to gain from this experience?

  • Ideas for consistent date nights
  • Ways to re-energize your connection
  • A break from the monotony
  • Better lines of communication

Oh, but there’s more…

    • Dinner
    • Socializing with other couples
    • FUN!
    • Special gifts for each couple
    • And even more!


Date Nights – Dates to Come!! 

Here are some commonly asked questions about how it all works…

Who should consider the date nights?

Mature couples who want to have fun while building a closer connection.

Is this couples counseling?

No. This is not at all about getting into your personal business. These nights are specially designed to create a fun, loving, interactive environment with you and your partner, while also connecting with other couples. You can be as private or as open as you want.

What time?

Please check back for future dates and times. 

Is each date the same?

Not at all. Each date will offer a different experience that gives you and your partner an opportunity to connect and enjoy one another. 

Will there be lots of couples?

We want to create an atmosphere that’s comfortable, and that supports your desire to connect. While we’ve received a great deal of interest in the Couples Date Nights, we will limit this experience to a small group of couples.

What is the cost?

Whenever you make a commitment such as this, it’s important to consider the benefits of your investment.

Our primary goal with the Couples Date Nights is to help couples build a deeper, more enjoyable connection by dating on purpose.

If you think about the quality time you’re spending with your partner, and the message you send to him/ her about your priorities, it’s well worth the investment. Additionally, the meaningful experiences that you two will have, the memories you will create, as well as the tangible gifts you will take away. With all of those benefits we like to make the investment a breeze.

Stay tuned for open registration and costs for future date nights.


Please check back for future dates!


Here’s what one couple had to say about their Date Night experience…


“Professional, innovative, personal – my experience with Isaiah Counseling & Consulting allowed my husband and I to celebrate what we do well in our marriage and discuss improvements that can be made. We participated in…The Languages of Love. It was amazing. I told everyone I knew about it…I highly recommend their services.” -ND

Derwin Isaiah and Shawntal Isaiah


If you have additional questions or would like to speak with us, please do not hesitate to contact us at 704-910-2055. We would love to help!

We are so excited to share this time with you!


Derwin & Shawntal Isaiah

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